Saturday, December 25, 2010

Darwin Day 1 (Merry Christmas)

ok. So you're probably thinking my posts will be full of whining and negative comments.

You're kind of right. Kind of.

It is SO humid here, when we walked outside I thought I couldn't breathe. haha, but no, really, at least it's not as polluted as HK/China/etc.

Anyway .....

To be honest, it was one of the most boring Christmas' I've ever had.

Spending most of the day in a car driving from Port Darwin to Kakadu Park was absolutely ... fantastic. I mean, my chair was fked up, and I mean it got pushed forward and won't go back and I kind of broke the handle thing on the roof. But that's Avis' problem, not mine !

Not only that, I swear I've only seen less than 30 people today, probably because it's Christmas. (And we're the only Asians here, mega uncomfortable)

Just before we were going to the pool a freaking huge thunderstorm decided to come out and crap it rained like heck. And then we got a power failure so now the air con doesn't work - yay ! And now it's raining like crazy and the TV lost signal ... :(

The pool was full of drunk men, the water smelt like alcohol (beer, which I find feral, although pot bellies are even more feral) and tasted disgusting.

Anyway Christmas dinner was rather filling, the waitress gave us 3 desserts instead of 2. Oh well ....

Hope you guys all had a lovely Christmas ! and enjoy boxing day sales hahahahaahah <3

2 days down 14 to go. >.>

Friday, April 16, 2010

i'm getting there....slowly...haha. " lauraaants no. 1" :)

it's my second post of the week!!!! and considering the fact that i went to sleep at frickin 2-3am for the past two nights i'm surprised i'm actually bothered. anyway, today i've decided to introduce something new.....i was thinking about my first week back to term 2 and the things that made annoyed me. and my friend was ranting to me so i came up with the idea of blogging/ranting and calling it "lauraaaaaaaants"
(this isn't really ranting tho...more like pointing out weird things..)

so. let's go!
1. so, for the whole of term 1, i had animal farm (novel on russian communism etc and talking pigs) nicely tucked in my english folder, even though we didn't need it. and then, term 2 comes and we start the book - oh and wth, i can't find my animal farm!!!!!!! so that resulted in my WHOLE row (paris grace bec lisa me tiff) not having any books to read along with the teacher....meaning we kind of just doodled in our diaries haha.
and then the 2nd lesson i was so tired i just slept on grace's arm. and the only thing i remembered was that the pigs milked the cow and they went and farmed and they came back later and the milk was gone. how lovely. anyway, my dear babe friend has let me borrow their book, so hopefully i won't fail the assignments due next week.....

2. what the hell was/is with the weather. seriously.

3. why are we still doing 'light rays' in science? such bloody bullshit i swear the only exciting thing we've done since we started doing it last term was when we got a pink paddlepop stick in a beaker and then it turned the water a nice pink.

4. why do all the student teachers have to be mr. rivis duplicates? seriously....tall men that are bald/nearly bald. maybe that's to make us be able to identify them easier...??!

5. my senior strings conductor (dr. le guin or w/e) has very......queer ways of rehearsing us. including each group to go to the corners of the room and play whilst facing the wall. at least we sounded better after haha

6. the fact that after orchestra/senior strings i have the pieces stuck in my head for the REST OF THE DAY and i have to hum them and probably piss the people around me off....

7. trigonometry. need i say more?

8. going last for a french oral and having the bell go halfway through meaning everybody packs up whilst you're still offence but it's rude!

9. the comps in the music room fucking up so i have to try get my ppt up on 3 diff comps >_>". and then the speakers didn't work so my background music which i bothered to download didn't work! and neither did the joke at the end of the ppt......

10. getting told off twice for wearing t-bars with winter uniform. stfu!!!!!

and that is all. hope you guys had a great first week back like i so obviously did! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

long time

i realised i never finished blogging about my holiday *smacks forehead*
but then again, i have 1000+ pics to bring back my memories
anyway i've totally failed to blog......after 3 months i've given up shitless. oh wait it's april now HAHAHA
so yes.

also, my dear babe friend will huang has decidded to get a blog now! although he's being gay and doing it instead of his crest lol. and that's all. sorry going to violin now....or...msn....

don't be expecting a new post soon. formspring is busy enough :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


if you've already been to hong kong, you'll know how big food is in hk :)
the apartmenet i was staying at had two diff restaurants, both within 20m of each other ahah!
but really, that's the general case anyway
you have....on the street
clothes stall             clothes stalll            food stall              other clothing related stall          drink stalll      foood stall             bread stall               tea stall
the main food related stalls in hk are the bread ones. it's like....breadtop/carrington cake shop/asian bread one x9872489619082730918730192873!!! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!
and luckily they all sell dan tart. dan being 'egg' in canto and i have to explain that lmao
so basically dan tart, for the ones that aren't asian XD, is a small tart made of pastry - normally puff filled with a sweet creamy eggy custard. they're like a necessity in every hk bread store, in front of most there are stacks of trays filled with them ready to be eaten *stomach rumbles*
most of the time we were in hk we had them mmmmmmmmmm. and, believe it or not, the best one i tasted was for FREE!
the pastry wasn't puff, i think it was more of a shortcrust....not so flaky and grossly buttery but with a nice 'bite' to it. and no i didn't take a picture i ate it too fast eheheheh =)
then when we got back home, we got ready for the wedding reception, so lot's of dressing up and make-uping and blah blah blah. the food was reaaaaaaally nice -  had 12, that's right, TWELVE courses ahahah. viv and i decided that when we get married we'll have it done like "western" style but the food will be asian style! i mean, most of the reason people come is for the food...right....?
anyway, like most weddings do, there were canapes/little things to eat..? lmao
masterchef ones look much nicer, but nevertheless there were lots of little pieces of cakes/cheesecakes/chinese puddings to choose from and curry puffs, char siu baos and weird sausage things
picture time :)
left to right is this really really rich, creamy cheesecake omgggg it's worse than the crab cream soup lol, next is some pastry tart thing, that was oh-kay, next is this chocolate mouse thing not that great....and the martini kind of glass was a really really sweet juice.

hmmmmmm the curry puffs were kind of fail, one of them didn't even have a curry puff filling WTF?! but they were probably used in some other dish, that's a few pics down :)
the sandwich er....can't even remember what was in it.

and for some reason they gave the cake before the actual dinner - is that normal? o_O
meh, it wasn't that special, like the normal ones you get from asian cake shops, layers of sponge cake with diced up fruit and whipped cream.


ehehehehe. i was bored so i squished it up. playing with food is fun doncha think? =D

feeling hungry? =D

the barbecued whole suckling pig came in when they turned all the lights off, and from memory when all the waiters came in (own waiter per table) big drum roll or something like that and they walked around and placed it on the table and then they sliced it - only the crispy skin and then we had it with this thing dough asian pancake thing with plum sauce i think? and yup it was nice =)

scallops and squids and vegetables was another normal asian dish - i've had that a few times in bh etc.

next one...i ceebs typing out was basically the would-be curry-puff filling....IN A SEA SHELL IT WAS SO COOL AND YUMMY!
top was crunchy and cheesy too yummmies.

next dish...braised vegetables blah blah blah blah. another normal dish i've eaten a few times in chink restaurants...
sighh since the waiter plated up our own food it wasnt like...take as much as you want. unfortunately :(
i like my bok choy and joooooshie mushyroomies!
okay what a fob.                                                           i hate blogger. do not like this random space here.

next was SHARK FIN SOUP YAAAAY! with vinegar yup yup yup.

abalone = expensive = brain food (?) = nice :)

once again there is some gay space between them two. use your imagination to fill it up :)
so this....------------>>>>
is. was.
steamed fresh garoupa.
i think it was nice. it probably was...i can't remember =D

deep fried crispy chicken...*thinks*. well it definitely wasn't a KFC style one, that's for sure. i think the bones were still on...or they were thigh/breast pieces? it was probably nice. why did i not take a picture hmmmmm..........

they were both kind of normal though...i think i had better noodles in canada and better fried rice in some other restaurant in hk. ahh well. it was free :)

and for dessert was yummmmmmm a nice asian pudding thing and a buttery crumbly cookie eheh and a pureed red bean soup with white glutinous rice balls with black sesame paste inside. how's your tummy going? you salivating over your keyboard already? at 3am in the morning i ceebs...

once again there is some gay space here....=="

so...from that dinner i think i gained heaps but then it's hong kong and i spent the days before and after walking around 16 story shopping malls for like what 7 hours +
good exercise!
except my feet got really bad blisters :(

next day we went to....ocean terminal and had yum cha with relatives. mmmmhmmmmmmm i like choi gao now
which is.....steamed vegetable dumpling...RIGHT GRACE? RIGHT?!

fried ricey!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eastern USA Tour - Day 3. Mainly Washington DC part 1

 sorry for the really really late post, i seriously wasn't bothered to blog as soon as i got home, had all the trouble with suitcase explosion *cough* and the north shore sighh. the first half was actually typed the night i got back from america, hopefully it's re-jogged my memory. if not i'll just have to rely on the pictures. and luckily i have over a 1000 woooooooo
ALSO, to make up for my lack of um....persistence?consistence that's it i've decided to take the trouble and fk up my net usage even more by posting some pictures nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. this is kind of long btw =D

 *rewinds to 20 something dec 2009!*

SOOOOOO..woke up feeling exceptionally sleep deprived, on average i've been getting 4-6 hours of sleep on an actuall bed.
the rest i make up for it on the lovely bus
hopped onto the bus, realised i didn't have my scarf, ran back to the room, stripped all the bed covers, didn't find it, ran back to the bus, gave up on my scarf, hopped onto my seat, fell asleep.
woke up in....maryland. where we had breakfast in a small building that had pizza hut, kfc, burger king, starbucks, etc etc off the side of the freeway for hungry people eg. us :)

i went straight to starbucks. and oh man i ordered the most retarded thing.
i was scanning the menu, la la la, and i saw "pumpkin spice frappucino"
and i thought. YUMM they don't hvae that in australia!!! actually ihaven't seen a starbucks in australia in a long time anyway
so i ordered it! and didn't realise that it was a COLD drink *face palm*
so i froze during my breakfast. and then when my dad got a flat white i was like AARGGGH HOT DRINK GIMMEEEEEEE
i only got the last gulpfuls =(
anyway....ddni't finish the drink...oh and couldn't have anyway because for some reason after we came back from our first stop it was somehow on the floor all split. ehehehehe................i'll just blame vivian it was on her side of the bus...*cough*

then back on the bus and we drove off to philadelphia. first stop that we went to was to the Liberty Bell. i was still kind of drowsy and slightly cranky that i had been woken up....i think a few people know i am NOT the best morning person :)
i cbs talking about it cos frankly it isn't very exciting. yes took a few pics with the bell and of the boards that have information on it etcetra etcetera
then we walked outside and saw quite a few interesting things. philadelphia is famous for their...cheese steaks? cream cheese steaks? SOMETHING RELATED TO CHEESE! perhaps that's where "philadelphia cheese" comes from. oh speaking of cheese today i opened the fringe and was mingling about and i saw a packet of cream cheese and was like oh i wonder what this tastes like and then i opened it and there were squiggly column lines of MOULD! situation went like this....
*pokes around in the fridge*
"cream cheese! how interesting!"
*opens packet and sees the mould/mold/i don't know*
*screams and flings the packet onto the bench, picks it up from the other side of the packet and chucks it in the bin. runs awaay.*
that is my daily life.
no, i'm joking, okay, i'm getting sidetracked. BACK TO PHILADELPHIA AND STALLS SELLING CHEESE-THINGS.

"A tastier Target"

they're gonna be selling fruits and vegs and other foodies in target WOOOOW no sarcasm.
i wonder how many years it'll be until austraila has that. or we won't even have that :(

yes because i just had to put it in caps.

"god bless america"

i love that saying!

and here we have the dude selling them! he kept giving me shifty glances, thinking i was some fob tourist.
"OF COURSE I AM LAH -" okay fobby accents don't work  online = = "

then back onto the warm warm bus. oh, we were watching this chinese game show, really hilarious :)
next stop was lunch. wow.....eating seems to be a huge part of this trip lol. ANOTHER thing philadelphia is famous for is this crab cream soup - we ordered it with some other stuff, dont' remember the price but it was SUCH a rip off pffsh.
the crab cream soup, fkk it was so so so creamy just one spoon and i felt sick, as if i was drinking cream with pieces of crab and now i refuse to talk about it anymore because i feel a little queasy :S :S :S :S
but it was really nice =). except the price.

then back outside where viv and i had a little game of snow ball fighting, and man there was heaps of snow came to about our shins? i stepped in the snow and was like "holy shit it's so deep!!!!!"

ahhhhh, so pretty. except for that messy on the left corner. i wonder who was loserish enough to ruin the would-be-perfect-winter-snow-picture. :)

then we headed off to washing dc!!!! yeaaah!!!!
first thing we visited was the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. Some of you might know it if you've watched night at the museum 2 and saw the huge statue which was abraham lincoln stomping that right? i can't remember much of the film lol except that i watched it with grace lol

i nearly died when i saw the pathway to it. first we had to cross the road, i've learnt to love jaywalking now lmao and then onto the worst footpath ever. about 10cm layer of thick, bumpy, slippery, smooth ice with half melted squidgy sloppy muddy snow randomly strewed on it. BUT!!!!!!
me, being the ever awesome potato didn't fall YAAAY! of course i did a few slips but =D ahaha i had to kind of....grab onto vivian's arm though...
okay so pathway pathway and then cross over to some big hill and we had to also go up that *sigh* and there it was just really really slippery ice adskfl;ajwpoietghal;dskjf. and really really bright, the snow was reflecting the sun etc etc bad eyesight.


 our ever awesome fobby tour guide, leo! as you latin people, you'll know his name means "lion" but he's nothing like one. or is he.....
well he doesn't know his name means lion he just refered to it as "...a very short name so it's easy to remember!" yeah.
at least he's wearing yellow and SERIOUSLY standing out from the crowd?
since we're on the topic of mr. leo, i forgot to write some stuff he said when we were in new york. he was telling us that if he ever tells us an address it's on a "street", not "avenue" because holy crap they have SO many avenues go past 100 i think? so yes very easy to get lost. anyway he said
"okay now if you don't get lost, don't cry, be brave, just ring my number!"
i mean, combined with a fob accent the words "don't cry, be brave" were just so....LOL WTHECK? i reckon they're his signature words. he said it more than 10 times in new york and heaps in washington dc.

dad aka walking orange, blinding snow and entrance to amazing memorial.

as you can see, there were heaps and heaps of steps - good exercise! but anyway, the statue is really impressive as is the rest of the architectural structures ie. the roman like pillars and the high ceilings. on both sides of the walls are hand ingraved words, i think, laws or something?
man, don't you reckon those words are so inspiring? and that to be an american would be so cool, i mean you have so much history behind you, all these great presidents and shit ones *coughgeorgebushcough* - my dad said that nine eleven twin tower disaster was for him lol
americans are so proud to be americans! and we australians kind of suck.......

looking incredibly happy chappy here....who wouldn't be? oh yeah, if you really like history, washington dc is the place to go. this usa trip was goood i discovered that i quite like american history and i'd be happy to write up some big assignment on it - so interesting! and now i shall stop sounding like a nerd.


AHAHA and this pic, well, we saw a couple getting married or having some engagement thing...marriage related oh i don't know ==", but, seriously, who the heck would get married HERE?! and okay this is mean but we were like "why would a guy like him marry such a bitch-faced fat chick like her"
honestly, she kept whining about the weather and blah blah blah, she had a TERRIBLE wedding dress on, gosh, she could've gotten a beautiful snowy white dress with some small crystals and she'd look like some ice princess there and it could've covered her legs and the shoes she was weraing just fked it up even worse, her make-up was lame, probably doesn't even know what concealer is *rolls eyes epicly* and her hair is so god damn boring, i mean, if they were there to just take pictures for the wedding album or something they could have at least done something nice? but we saw other dressed-up people holding champagne glasses sliding over the ice *snicker*anyway, i was like "omg omg take a pic take a pic viv GIVE ME THE CAMERA!" so i took it and LOL the dude is pointing in our direction....although he isn't really looking at us? what do you think? do you think he's pointing at the camera/me like i'm some fob stalker or he's just randomly pointing and saying something.........

i'd like to keep my identity as low profile as possible, you know? ^^
okay so that pointy thing above my head....ummmmmm i THINK it's another memorial for some other famous person? not very sure. who cares, abraham lincoln statue is the best okay. :)
and yes i think i went slightly bonkers in paint with the wonderful colourful lines. I LIKE IT!

okay after that we went beneath the memorial to more stuff and information about lincoln, his famous speeches as well as other famous democratic americans. like there were extracts from martin luther king jr "i have a dream" speech, very inspiring yes yes yes, lots and LOTS of quotes from abraham lincoln - they make you think a lot too. unfortuatnely we didn't get much time to look and i dind't get to finish reading the stuff :(
and i took ages in the toilet cos the seats were all dirty so we ended up going late to the bus eheheheh.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Eastern USA Tour - Day 2. Part 2 Atlantic City

okay, since the new york post was really long i wasn't bothered to continue on with atlantic city
*mind rewinds to atlantic city....and has lots of trouble* new york i think i slept on the bus for a few hours until we arrived at atlantic city, which, i acdtually have no idea where it is in america
i kept thinking of the hidden city under the sea in "the little mermaid" disney movies.....XD
anyways, we arrived at our hotel which was the sheraton
wasn't that great....

and then we walked to "caesar palace" for about 10 minutes. along the way we saw lots of factory outlets, including 3 GUESS shops [these people love guess], clarks, H&M and HEAPS of lolly stores which were so big and cool
i want to try hershey's ice cream one day...
anyways....there was heaps of snow and ice. and the ice was all slippery so i kept slipping and i fell down :(
and nearly fell down....every couple of minutes
kind of terrible
my dad called me a potato :'(
and, i even slipped INSIDE caesar palace WTFF? okay let's just say the tiles were very slippery
that's true! also my boots are kind of worn out as well =="

ah wells, maint point of walking to caesars palace was to see the water show. and for some reason we had to walk through a CASINO. like, crown casino
except bigger
and wtf? they allowed us to walk through it...there was even a baby on the tour and lots of little kids errr....and then we passed through smoking areas and bars and stuff
took a video as well lmao
the water show was so cool! it's basically just a big....indoor...fountain if that makes sense
eg crown plaza, but the fountain thingy is a big big circle. and then above there's a high ceiling with all these lights and special effects etc
cbs explaining, wait till the video is up on fb
after that we kept walking through, and the setting looked like the las vegas casino ceilings/macau ones where the ceilling is an illusion of the sky
and there were statues of greek gods, and they had christmas hats on them! hahah so funny. just random red hats ontop of statues wthhh lol

anyways, we had planned to have a seafood buffet, but that had closed due to the then everybody split up to have their own dinner. some went to mcdonalds, i mean, MCDONO or burger king but me viv dad went roma. =D
i had the salmon on this mashed potato with red stuff in it, roast sweet potatoes YUMMMMM and chinese vegies!!!!
viv had this linguini with spicy prawn nomnom
dad had the steak haha
and we all shared and then i got full halfway during the by the end i was really bloated ehehehhe

after that we walked back to the sheraton, got kind of lost but met up with other people from our tour and managed to find our way back.
i decided to go for a swim, but NOOO fking sheraton is too gay =="
their swimming pool was CLOSED! all the water had been drained out >.>
i mean wtf, why would they choose to renovate NOW, when it's christmas season and most popular time for tourists
crazy people
so i had to go to the internet area outside =(

and then i went to sleep. ta da!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eastern USA tour - day 2. NEW YORK! part 1.

woke up all groggy and sooo freaking sleep deprived. pfsh who gives a shit man, today was NEW YORK!
well the morning was and early afternoon

so, NEW YORK!!!!!
we drove for about an hour from new jersey to new york, where we had breakfast at mcdonalds, or as my fobby tour guide says - MCDONO!
in in in TIMES SQUARE! took so many pictures in the bus ahhhhhh. the ginormous bilboards were so cool, lots of them advertising diff things, some of them kind of wrong and funny but c'mon it's new york
the ones that had little videos or adverts playing were my faves :)
arghhhh sorry i'm staying in retarded sheraton, which is supposed to be good but there isn't even intenret in the rooms! have to use some gay computer which seems to hate facebook *sob*
when i get good internet i'll have a separate post on pictures. actually i'll just do that on facebook
anyhows, mcdonalds was awesome. two storeys, might have been 3 storeys, not sure. there sign was big and glittery haha
had a bacon and egg mcmuffin meal - hash brown was disgusting...and then we took pictures inside mcdonalds!!! yes, sounds really touristy but all their walls were painted of new york and famous skyscrapers and places, like times square, and there was a 3D display of new york inside a glass case. yes i took a pic of that and that'll be up as well as the other hundreds of pictures.

oh and new york was absolutely flooded in snow. snow went up to my ankles, and crossing the street was so dangerous, we had to pratically climb over the snow to get to the other side =="
at one point a sewer system seemed to have broken so it smelt like hong kong LOL
after breakfast we took heaps more photos, and luckily right next to mcdonalds was a new york souvenir shop, WHERE ME AND VIV BOUGHT NY T SHIRTS YAAY!!!
i got the classic I <3 NY t shirt, so cheap, only three bucks!!!! compared to other places where it's like 20 bucks pffffsh.
me and viv were the last few to get onto the bus, and our tour guide was like
"SHOPPING ALREADY?!" when he saw the shopping bag rofl

next we got our tickets to visit the "TOP OF THE ROCK", at 30 Rockefeller plaza in MIDTOWN MANHATTEN YEAH which is proudly sponsored by swarvoski i because it houses the largest crystal chandellier IN THE WORLD.
we climbed a staircase for about 2 levels, just staring at the chandellier which is right in the center and is all sparkly and pretty =)
then we took a lift which took us to level...69 i think? anyway it was so cool, the roof was transparent and it played this awesome slideshow - took a vid of lift ride, also up on fb one day
then we spent ages and ages taking pictures of new york city. oh myyy god.
indescribable view okay. so many skyscrapers, all these colourful lights - too bad we didn't go at dusk or night, would've been even better. took pictures of downtown (south), uptown (north), east side, west side, etc etc etc
luckily the skies were nice and blue and not cloudy =)
then we took an escalator to the top of the building, where it was realy really cold so took only a few pictures and then ran back inside lol
we had a professional photo taken inside as well, turns out the package was 30 bucks wtff so expensive
and they sold 22 dollar I <3 NY shirts. rip off much.
photo package had one large photo, 4 wallet size ones and we got "free" magnets and night view of nyc.

then we went outside and took heaps more pictures. at rockefeller center there are heaps of other buildings and tourist attractions. they have the largest christmas tree in the world, and yep took lots more pictures there. also some nice statues and sculptures, more pictures. they also had an ice-skating rink that looked really fun :)

AHH and they had a huge window displaying Harry Potter Theme Park!!!!! took an awesome picture of me next to harry potter, just wait till it's on fb haha. also had window displays of heroes. NBC today show is filmed near there as well.
hmmmmm also saw people breaking up the ice on the street which had been closed...and pretty big trucks scraping off the snow on the roads and dumping them on the edges lol, like a mountain of snow bordering the roads and footpaths.

thennnnn back onto the bus to.....MADAME TUSSAUDS WAX MUSEUM! ahh so so fun and cool.
but they did have brangelina [zomg brad looked mega hot], george clooney, madonna in this really sexual pose [her legs were wide wide wide wide open], britney spears pole dancing, michael jackson, oprah, jennifer anniston - they stuffed up her face, looks NOTHING like her :(, julia roberts, marilyn monroe, spice girls, serena williams, superman, obama, politicians, musicians, influential people eg einstein, james bond, etc etc etc.
me and viv went into this....scary thing. can't remember what it's called, but you walk in a dark mazed room and you get freaked out like shit. took lots and lots of pics hahaha.

NEXT was a ferry to see statue of liberty!! learnt heaps from that, our tour guide was really really into it, he started giving speeches and preaching, but it was good because you could tell he really loved america.
some facts that i can still remember.....
1. people at manhatten call a park any area with more than 5 trees...he might have been joking, but, manhatten has heaps of parks
2. new york has 468 subways
3. BMV stands for 'brooklyn manhatten vehicle', that ALSO might have been a joke lol
4. no such thing as "zone 0", where the twin towers and 5 other rockefeller skyscrapers fell on september 11th, he started preaching about how americans picked up from where they had fallen and kept on going. so now i think they're building new skyscrapers
5. the family of rockefellers that built the twin towers were pretty smart. since the towers are sooo tall, of course, in turns of science, you need a really strong and sturdy base to support them. and there's a specific type of rock, might have a mix of shale? not sure he was talking really fast lol that is deep deep down in earth's crust. and back at that time, the hudson river was really wide, and the land was pretty narrow. SO, as they dug up the earth and rock, they dumped it into the hudson river, therefore, they created more land!!! geniuses.
6. statue of liberty has heaps and heaps of symbols. the crown has 7 points, representing the 7 seas and 7 continents.
on one of the ankles is a broken shackle, representing something about the french fighting for freedom and breaking the laws I THINK. i defs know that at the time it was being built they were ruled by some evil stadistic man called napoleon.
the two people that built it were also geniuses, one of them built eiffel tower. they knew that since the statue of liberty would be placed in such a location, with the water around it that at some point the statue might change colour. so, it's actually made out of copper, and after thirty years the salt and oxygen changed the colour to green, which now has a protective coating. and they thought that green would look nice against the blue skies lol. and if the statue of liberty loses it's green's not statue of liberty anymore.
7. one of the two famous bridges was built by two people. first was a man called washington, and then he died after an accident so his wife finished building it. which was apparently a really good sign of women...strength...independence....i should know this but blaaaah =="
and yeah learnt about long island, and how immigrants got in and stuff
oh oh
if an immigrant came in and had a broken limb, or had a limp, the doctor would draw a "L" on the back of their clothes with chalk, meaning "lame" and they were sent to quarantine. people with contagious diseases also had chalk drawn on their back - the initials of the disease and were too sent to quarantine. after a few days if they weren't healed they were sent back to their country, which was about 2% of all.
that place was called two things. "Island of hope", hope for the people that would become americans and "Island of tears", tears fot eh 2% of people that got sent back to their country.

anyway i'm blabbing ..... i bet you skipped all that shit lol.

lol and our tour guide, george, was also really enthusiastic about taking photos of us so yeah took lots =)
it was acutally kind of warm, sun was out, around 3-5 degrees. well, in comparison to in the morning and at night blah

after that we had lunch, had a nice subway thing and soup. then me and viv went to vic secret and bought perfume that was HALF PRICE OKAY. =)
smells nice and vanillery
oh and we wanted this other one, the box was awesome as, when you open it it wolf whistles bahahah

then i got my fave souvenir...a metal plate that says BROADWAY and has outlines of new york skyscrapers and stuff
and underneath broadway and the signature masks it says

Lauraa :)   Ave
for anyone that wants to see it just check out my locker next year XD

then, back onto the bus to atlantic city!
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